2 why has dell been so successful despite the low average profitability of the pc industry

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Apple Inc.

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Why has Dell been so successful despite the low average profitability in the PC industry? When Micheal Dell launched Dell branded PCs into an already populated market, the chances to succeed without a unique core competence was almost impossible.

Mar 23,  · Best Answer: Greg, Dell carries no costly inventory on their books so that don't have to pay for inventory with their own cash nor with borrowed money.

As a result they pay their suppliers as much as 60 days after they have received full payment for the computer that you and I buy. This is a primary reason Status: Resolved. Why has Dell been so successful despite the low average profitability in the PC industry?

Dell has been successful due to its differentiated strategy compared to its competitors. Open Document. Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. The PC industry has started to develop fast in the 80's when IBM, the leader of the industry thanks to the first mover advantage, launched its first PC series and later on when numerous small companies entered the market.

2. Why has Dell been so successful despite the low average profitability in the PC industry? Del computer corporation.

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2 why has dell been so successful despite the low average profitability of the pc industry
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