How to write a retraction in a newspaper

An email address or phone number should be on the newspaper. Get a clear idea of whether the newspaper will print a retraction or not. Even if your state's retraction statute does not apply to internet publications, publishing a retraction is often good practice if you realize that you have made a factual error.

It has come to the attention of the Daily News that a number of statements in this article written for the Daily News by a freelance reporter are, or may be, false.

Figures — Usually, the result of a typographical error, although it can adversely affect a story e. Keep your demeanor pleasant and appreciative when talking to the press staff.

His father died innot He married innot Some states without retraction statutes have similar principles in their common law.

Although a retraction might satisfy the person making the request, in some cases the requester may still sue you for defamation. Thank the editor for printing the story. Inan expert panel appointed by the federal government cleared Imanishi-Kari of misconduct, finding no evidence of scientific fraud.

Check to make sure this actually happens. You should consult your individual state guide for specifics on how the law operates in your jurisdiction. Scandinavian Journal of Immunology, Get a hold of the right person, show that you have a valid case for complaint, and the newspaper may print a retraction, admitting and correcting the error.

How to Request a Newspaper Retraction

My English and my writing skills were not up to the level needed to present my work in a due manner and in my own words, so I used the words of another author to describe the methodology applied in my study and simply cited the source.

Merely stating that the subject of the statement denies the accusation is not enough, nor is a weak, grudging, or half-hearted correction. A lawyer experienced in defamation law can help you assess the validity of the retraction request, discuss the potential for a defamation claim, determine which state's defamation and retraction law applies, and help you craft an appropriate retraction notice.

Names — Their name was misspelled, someone was misidentified e. North Dakota is the only state whose retraction statute specifically mentions electronic publications. Keep in mind that correcting or retracting something you've previously published won't not necessarily mean that you will escape liability.

You may then call the police force, for example, and ask who handled the case. During the same period, the number of papers retracted for a scientific mistake did not even double First, it will make your work more accurate and reliable. Decide on the form your retraction should take.

State clearly how and why you were wrong. Be sure to include your name and phone number on the email so that the media professional can contact you if he or she has any questions.

How to Request a Newspaper Retraction

Generally speaking, to be effective, a retraction must be a "frank and full" withdrawal of the defamatory accusation.

It has cast doubt on the originality of my work and my integrity, which I have never intended to compromise, as I have never intended to compromise my coauthors, the authors whose words I copied, the journal where the original article was originally published, or the Croatian Medical Journal and its editors.

When writing request letters, you need to be brief and direct, avoiding any auxiliary information that might weaken the message you are conveying. Step 1 Isolate the error, then write a clarifying statement to draw a distinct contrast between what was reported and what is accurate.Prepare your retraction in writing.

Even if you plan to retract your statement orally, having notes, or an actual written statement, can help prepare you for the actual retraction.

Spend time reflecting on why you were incorrect or misleading in your previous comments. In Octobera journal published a retraction of a February publication of a research paper.

In the same issue the dean of the corresponding author’s medical school reported the findings of an investigational committee that found, contrary to what was stated in the paper.

I have been a satisfied subscriber to your publication for the past eight years and have always considered your reporting to be reliable. I am sure you want that reputation to continue, so I bring to your attention several errors in your article regarding Doe's philanthropic contributions.

RETRACTION GUIDELINES Which publications should be retracted? If only a small part of an article reports flawed data, and especially if this is the result of genuine error, then the.

Jan 16,  · Newspaper people try to get everything right, but given that they are human beings writing and editing huge amounts of copy on unforgiving deadlines, often they don’t.

Thus, they write and publish corrections. So the story's in the paper, but it's wrong. It's not the truth as you see it, or there is simply a fact, perhaps a date or name, that is incorrect.

How to write a retraction in a newspaper
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